We have customized solutions for all your organizational development needs.

Leadership Training

We provide customized, excellent and quality Leadership Training

Teambuilding Programs

We deliver fun-filled Structured Learning Exercises and Adventure Programs

Values Enhancement

Focuses on character, stewardship and accountability in the workplace


The long-term plan of GENESIS1 is to partner with its clientele for a continuous and on-going training program that ultimately results in a more cohesive, unified working atmosphere and a more efficient team to effectively carry out the plans and programs of the client organization.

Part of the corporate objectives of GENESIS1 is to provide accurate, timely and specific interventions through varied training programs and modules aimed at enhancing the knowledge base of the client organization, especially related to the creation and strengthening of the team(s), thereby being helpful to the over-all growth of the client organization.

About Us

The heart of GENESIS1 was borne out of a revelation from the book of Genesis 1:1 (In the beginning,God…). As all things are from God, and are of God, and are for God, so then is this organization.

The inception of GENESIS1 TRAINING SERVICES, INC. is a direct outcome of the founder’s intent to expand the scope of services the company provides by focusing more on the indoor training aspect in imparting the unity and team concepts to clients, specifically on Leadership Training and Coaching.

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Are you looking for effective Leadership Training and Team Building Programs?


When called upon, GENESIS1 shall provide solution-specific recommendations to its client organizations in a professional and objective manner consistent with acceptable principles of organizational development.


GENESIS1 aims to be the organization of choice when the need for Leadership Training and Teambuilding Programs are required.
GENESIS1 shall be synonymous with excellent and effective training and teambuilding services and shall be on the primary name-recall list of its client organizations.


To provide customized, excellent and quality Leadership Training and Teambuilding Programs utilizing Indoor Seminars, Workshops, Adventure Learning Programs and/or Structured Learning Exercises for GENESIS1 corporate clients and organizations on a consistent and on-going basis.