The main aim of GENESIS1 is to instill the concept of a TEAM and the associated components that go with it (communication, leadership, etc.).
The long-term plan of GENESIS1 is to partner with its clientele for a continuous and on-going team building program that ultimately results in a more cohesive, unified working atmosphere and a more efficient team to effectively carry out the plans and programs of the client organization.


The vehicle to impart lessons will be Structured Learning Exercises (SLE’s) usually involving, but not limited to, outdoor physical activities in varying degrees of difficulty, as the clientele would demand.
When needed, indoor training programs may be used to support the various topics being taken up.

The Learning Agendas contained in the various Programs run by GENESIS1 are decided upon after a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is undertaken with the client organization.
All GENESIS1 Programs are customized to fit the needs of the client organization and to meet the objectives they have set for the program.


The core competency of GENESIS1 as an organization is the ability to process the Learning Agendas contained in the various activities and apply such to the work environment in a fun-filled method with teachings that will be easy to recall and apply.