As the objective of GENESIS1 is a long-term partnership with the client organization, the various programs of GENESIS1 reflect this mindset.

Though customized and catered specifically to the needs of the client organization, GENESIS1 programs are structured in “Levels”. These “Levels” reflect not only the degree of difficulty of the activities, but also the depth of processing of the various Learning Agendas contained in the actual activities, as well as the chosen methodology to run them.


ECO ADVENTURE (whenever available) – Challenges found in a venue using courses unique to the resort (normally uses the surrounding trees, lakes, rivers, etc).

ADD ‘EM UP- Strategy, Being the Right Person for the Job & Effects of Complacency

This activity helps the participants form strategies that work effectively & efficiently. It exposes the need to be the right person doing the right thing at the right place at the right time. This activity also shows the effect of discouragement on the team when the strategies or plans being implemented are not working out the way it is expected.

MAGIC TARP – Adjusting to Difficulties, Persistence, Planning & Strategy

This activity exposes how certain people in the team can make the task more difficult. It shows the need to compensate for the weaknesses of the other members of the team and how everyone has a role to play to successfully accomplish the task.

MIND GAMES – Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving, Creative Thinking

BLIND POLYGON – Following Instructions, Visioning, Communication & Submission to Authority

This is an outdoor activity which teaches the participants not to take things for granted (i.e. relationships, other people, job, etc). It is also an exercise which will expose the true leader/s of the team.

ZIP LINE & RAPPELLING – Overcoming Fear of Heights

FOOD CHALLENGE – Eating Activity, Overcoming Obstacles & Taking One For the Team.